Sunday 28th December 2014 – Happy Birthday C Litter

Aristotle here again.

A very happy birthday to Cinderella, Ellie (Cosette), Scout(Cuddles), Cracker, Otto (Chekov) and Otis (Casanova). It’s amazing to think you’re all a year old already and there’s our mum busy trying to make the next lot.

They had a hairy day yesterday. They woke up to snow that could be measured in inches rather than centimetres, which when you are up a mountainside and having to drive is not great. Our Mistress said that never has ‘be careful what you wish for’ been truer! They had to drive down the mountainside to go to the vet on roads that hadn’t been cleared. To our Mistress’s relief it went well. Then later she had to drive the 60 miles to where they were staying near the stud dog. It was bad until they got to the motorway and then for 20 miles it was ok – until they met the rest of the traffic and it was very slow. They stopped off at a shopping centre so our Mistress could buy herself a game in German and apparently the car park was like an ice rink. After that they did the drive between the stud dog and the hotel to see what it would be like in the dark. It was soooo bad that our Mistress said unless there was a different route she’d have to find a different hotel. Thankfully, there was a different route which was not so bad. That was the good news. The bad news was that while Mum was standing there beautifully and flirting with Rolex he was like ‘Yay, it’s snowing. Let’s go and play in the snow.’ Clearly he’s a boy after my own heart. Girls are so overrated! Anyway, Mum is going back tomorrow in the morning to see if he’s bored with the snow yet. Mum was a bit forlorn when I talked to her and had been asking our Mistress if she was doing something wrong. She has been reassured that there was nothing more she could do and that hopefully things will go well today.

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