Saturday 3rd January 2014 – My brother Otto

OttoYou’ll remember him as Chekov. He was the one the humans really fell in love with in the last litter. To be fairer he was one of the ones they fell in love with, but according to our Mistress he really was something special and she has his photo up on our office wall. Anyway, he was one a few days ago and this is what his humans wrote to me about him:

‘Well what can we say about Otto that is not typical of an Entlebucher…. he is a sociable, friendly, solid great hulk of a dog who loves his cuddles.  We’ve had some hairy moments though, like recently when he completely vanished on a hillside walk.  After a lot of frantic rushing around we finally got a call from the owner of a dog on heat who had been walking half a mile in front  of us.  That incident prompted a trip to the vet where Otto was ‘done’.  We’re hoping this might also stop him shredding every shoe in the house.  Basically he’s a happy chap who likes his family, walks, doggy friends and his grub – preferably in that order – and we are very happy with him too.’

Way to go, bro. You’ve got to go after an in season girl if you get wind of one. Sorry it led to a trip to the vet though, that’s no fun. I’ve been there!

We tried our new game yesterday. I’m sure there will be some photos soon. It was so funny. Mum worked it out by accident and kept getting the treats. I was a bit more wary and Alfie tried to break it into pieces to get the treats out. Tragically I’ve been told it will be delivering my meals to me so I have to learn how it works. I do find being hungry helps to focus the mind, so I don’t suppose it’s going to take me long to learn that the new word ‘Press’ means I can go and push the buzzer and get a reward. I’m really not looking forward to the buzzer being hidden so I have to find it first. Seems cruel to make me work so hard for my food.

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