Sunday 22nd March 2015 – That’s the way to do it

I know Alfie’s told you that our Mistress has some new vegetable troughs for the garden. Well, yesterday she had to finish building them. Firstly she found that the 14 screws she’d put in on Friday were the wrong ones and she had to take them all out again. To be fair to her the diagram showed them numbered bags 11, 12 and 13 and the bags themselves were numbered 14,15 and 17 so it hadn’t been a good start! The next problem was that it was cold and windy and she didn’t want to be outside because she’s a wuss. I said she should get over it and I was quite happy to come outside and keep her company. She had a better idea. She brought all the pieces into the kitchen and decided to build them in the warm. I’m sure that’s not what you’re supposed to do, but it was a good solution to a problem. Of course it made it more awkward carrying them back outside once they were built, but to give her her due, she had thought of the size issue and checked they’d fit before she started. She justified her actions by saying she could leave the screwdriver on charge when she wasn’t using it and the instructions wouldn’t blow away. I did point out that she hadn’t found the instructions all that useful, but apparently that comment wasn’t helpful.

She did have to go outside to fill them with soil and move the soil that had been left outside, but she said it wasn’t so bad out there as long as you were moving about. I said that fresh air is good for her, but again apparently that wasn’t helpful!

Anyway, if the weather stays good we’ll have lots more fresh air at fun day today. Alfie is going to see our grandparents so he doesn’t have to take part so I get our Mistress all to myself. Our Master is going to look after Shadow for the day. She won’t be able to take part in anything which is a shame as she usually does quite well, but at least she’ll get to see some of her children so it won’t be too bad.

My full brothers and sisters seem to be going through the wars at the moment. Dora (Avril) had a run in with a deer the other day and came away with an injured shoulder. Her human isn’t sure if it’s a bite or a hoof mark, but she’s all bandaged up and on the mend. Rafa (Alan) has torn his cruciate ligament and needs to have an operation and Arnie has a heart problem and we’re waiting to hear more about how he is. From mum and me get well soon all of you and Arnie we hope it isn’t too serious. We’re thinking of you all.

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