Monday 30th March 2015 – What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?

I’m following up from the leasers of two of the main parties being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman last week. Now please don’t misunderstand, in my view the only party to vote for is the Pet Dogs Democratic Party, but I do have to speak up in defence of Ed Milliband – as a person, not as a party leader. What’s wrong with being a geek? We live in a world where some of the most important and largest companies are run by geeks, very successfully, why shouldn’t a country be? Take Microsoft, Apple and Google to name but three. What Mr Milliband should have said is that he’s proud to be called a geek! Every time we turn on our computers  or pick up our mobile phones we embrace our inner geek. Some do a lot more embracing than others to be fair. Would you rather the country were run by someone who was technologically illiterate and unable to understand the most important aspects of normal society. Not only do we need a society that is free of being dogist, but one that isn’t geekist too. Calling him a geek is a bit like calling me cuddly. There’s nothing wrong with it and it wouldn’t stop me being Prime Minister. It’s time politics was about the policies and the politics and not about personal slights and insults. Ok so being of a more ‘slim’ build makes him look less able to fight, but I know many big muscular men who are as soft as puppies. We’re not living in an age where the ability to be a muscle man and thug is what determines success, nor should it be the age where he who dishes out the greatest insults succeeds either. Let each stand on their own merits and stand or fall by the policies they have and their record of delivery on those policies – of course on that basis both of the ‘main’ parties are ruled out and you really do need to turn to the PDDP as a serious alternative, but that’s beside the point. Oh and by the way, if you want to join, we embrace geekiness.

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2 Responses to Monday 30th March 2015 – What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?

  1. granny B says:

    Well said Alfie I entirely agtee

  2. granny B says:

    Agree Agree Agree

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