Friday 1st May 2015 – Genetics

Sometimes it seems that genetics can have some odd things to answer for. In our house, Shadow and I go to bed when our humans go to bed. I sometimes try to persuade our Mistress to go earlier than she would otherwise, but I can be trusted to stay up with her if she says no. Occasionally if I’m really tired I take myself off to bed, but it’s the exception and not the rule. Aristotle has always been different. He has to go to bed around 9pm. He can manage until 9.30, but if he is kept up any later than that he starts to become like a fractious child. We thought it was just him, but yesterday our Mistress was talking to his bother Amigo’s human and it turns out that Amigo is exactly the same. That set her wondering so she sent a question to the humans of his other brothers and sisters and so far we’ve heard from Dora, and she is just the same as the two boys. Now it’s making our Mistress wonder what Rino, their father is like. If she can muster enough of her German she might send an email to Rino’s human to ask. It certainly doesn’t come from Shadow.

There was a suggestion that our Mistress’s routine has influenced them in some way, but she’s been thinking back to when they were small and doesn’t think that is the case, but you can never be too sure. At least they don’t have such questionable music taste. She’s bought tickets to go to see the Bay City Rollers in concert in November. If you don’t know who they are then do look them up and you’ll realise what we all have to put up with! She was a fan when she was about 10 years old, which is a very long time ago. At least she doesn’t still have the trousers with the tartan bottoms. Hers were red and came from C&A in Leicester, or so she tells me! Sadly she doesn’t have any incriminating photographs, although her sister says she might have one somewhere so I’m still hoping.

RJK Lo-res-54I thought I’d show you a photo with my Master today. He doesn’t often get to appear in my diary so here we are together for a change.

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