Wednesday 12th August 2015 – Helminthic Therapy

Today’s post is not for the squeamish so if you fall into that category then look away now. I promised to tell you about the treatment that has enabled out Mistress to eat more normally again and as she had another dose only a couple of days ago it seemed like a good time.

As those who know her are aware, she has always had a lot of allergy problems but the eating situation had got ridiculous and she was left with only 26 food stuffs that did not make her ill. That 26 included some fairly basic things like salt and mint so it wasn’t a terribly exciting list. She has had lots of tests and treatments over the years and nothing seemed to help. The problem was just getting worse and worse. Then she read a piece in the Action Against Allergy magazine and then read this article HERE. It all sounds fairly gruesome if you are obsessive about cleanliness, but basically there is a certain type of helminth (worm) that happily co-exists with humans and secretes substances that stop the immune system over reacting when it shouldn’t. Having those helminths means a lot of auto-immune diseases are suppressed within the human.

You can’t pass them to another human and nor do they reproduce inside a human, so you can completely control the number you have. It seems odd coming from a dog who is force fed a worming tablet every three months but there really are certain types of worm that can be good for you. It has changed our Mistress’s life for the better. There are now only 6 things she can’t eat and she is really enjoying food again. She is fitter, happier and needs less sleep. All in all it’s a complete win situation… except at the stage she has just had a new dose of treatment when the side effects can be a bit difficult to cope with, but I won’t bore you with all that.

She says she’s happy to answer any questions if you have them and I did wonder if I should do a sort of interview with her about it.

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  1. Inga says:

    That’s a pretty amazing article, Alfie…
    Tell your Mistress I’m happy she’s feeling better and take care!

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