Monday 16th November 2015 – Getting Ready to Leave



Yesterday was the first time that our Mistress was away from the pups for the whole day. They were of course being looked after, just not by our Mistress. She wondered just how excited they were going to be when she came back and was sort of disappointed when the answer was only moderately. They were the normal sort of excited rather than very excited. They had had a very good day and were worn out. It’s all part of them growing up.

Today’s video is really fun. It’s of them having a crazy mad play and you can find it HERE.

Today they get their worming treatment. They will actually be really excited as they will all get some milk with it in and they still love milk but don’t get it very often. Dixie has still been having some at bedtime and Duchess gets to lick the bowl out when she’s had enough but there is not often any left for the others, so they will be very happy.

I want to say how proud I am of my girlfriend Bella. It sounds as though she had a very long labour and now has seven lovely puppies to show for it. I’m discounting the fact that I’m not their father and am quite willing to step into his shoes as he is in a different country. That all now means there are 66 of us in the UK, which doesn’t sound nearly so uncommon as it did when I arrived and was number 10! It means Wilma will be 68 as Salvo will arrive in the UK a week before she does.  I wonder if I will still be around to see number 100. If I am I’d like to have my photograph taken with them. That will probably happen the year of Wilma’s first litter. It would be amazing if it could be one of hers.

Well the big departure week has begun and we’re all trying to prepare ourselves for the sadness of saying goodbye. It will be combined with the delighted of being able to bring Entlebucher joy to four more homes, which of course is very special. Ah well, it’s never easy.

Everyone now weighs over 5kg. D’Artagnan is 6575g an increase of 215g. Della is 6385g an increase of 215g as well. Duchess didn’t want to stay on the scales but after a long wait she weighed in at 5585 an increase of 175g and Dixie passed 5kg to reach 5085g an increase of 95g.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    The pups look like they will be quite keen to play tug-of-war.

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