Saturday 30th January 2016 – And the winner is…

Alfie resting

Alfie resting

It’s Ari here again. Alfie’s fine, but he’s still taking the weekend off as normal. He says he’s planning to spend as much of the weekend as possible helping our Mistress in the kitchen! No prizes for guessing why. Anyway, today is the day you’ve been waiting for, it’s the result of the competition to win a mirror from

… massive drum roll… and the winner is … Digby the Mini Schnauzer with a little bit of help from his human, Aimee. We’ll send your details to the lovely people at Petmirrors so they can arrange to send you your prize. When you get it, please send us a photo of you with your pet mirror so we can put it in the diary.

Shadow is very excited at the moment. She has persuaded our humans to take her to Devon so she can see her puppies who live down there. It’s not for a few months, so she hopes there is enough time that they might all be able to make it. Soggeli (Annette), Cracker and Otto (Chekov) all live in Devon and there are others on the south coast too, some of whom may be able to go. Wilma’s really excited as Shadow has said she can go too and she won’t feel left out as there will be others who aren’t family too. I’m just a bit fed up that I shan’t be going to see my brothers and sisters, but I’ve got to stay at home and look after Alfie. She will see some of her other puppies next weekend too as she’s going to help with running a seminar all about our breed. It’s mainly to train judges so they know all about us when they meet us in the show ring. Dickens (Bumble), Basil (Beethoven) and Leo (D’Artagnan) will be there. Alfie’s fed up as his girlfriend will be there, but he’s not going. I told him we’d have a boys’ weekend at home, but oddly that didn’t seem to cheer him up. I would have thought my company would have been far better than Bella’s but apparently he doesn’t see it that way.

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