Thursday 4th February 2016 – Working hard

Wilma will stay for 40 seconds when asked

Wilma will stay for 40 seconds when asked

Wilma’s training class didn’t go quite so well this week. She had fun with her new best friend Jazz, but she wasn’t really in a working mood. She now wishes she had been as our Mistress is making her do much more homework. In fairness to Wilma she loves learning and doing as our Mistress wants so she doesn’t really mind. Our Mistress has even said that she will get Megan’s old rucksack out for her to use, which is a real honour and none of the rest of us have been allowed to use it. When she goes away for Crufts she says she’s going to carry all her own things, which oddly she seems quite excited about. She has been learning to stand nicely, in the hope

Wilma practising her stand

Wilma practising her stand

she will remember what to do on Saturday for the judge training and for her first ringcraft class. She’s also been learning to have her ears and teeth checked properly rather than seeing it as a game and wriggling. She’s doing quite well all things considered.

Shadow is resting but says she is feeling quite a bit better than she was. She’s not completely right yet, so she’s just hoping she feels up to going away for the weekend because she’d been looking forward to it. Our Mistress has said she’s sure she will be ok, so paws crossed.

Because it has been drier the last few days our Mistress took Aristotle and Wilma to Ari’s old favourite walk. Wilma went first, which was a good job as it turned out that it was still very muddy and not really very good at all. She loved it but Ari said if our Mistress didn’t mind could he go to the other walk instead so he could keep his paws clean. She more than readily agreed. It must be a nightmare for the farmers as the crop they planted has been under water for over a month!

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