Tuesday 8th March 2016 – A Competition to Enter

Here’s a chance to win a £1000 but showing what a wonderful bond you have with your human. Drontal are running a competition for you to post a photo of dog and human showing their inseparable bond. Now, if an Entlebucher doesn’t win that one there is no justice in the world! Of course, you other breeds shouldn’t be put off, but we do have a bit of an advantage because inseparable just isn’t a strong enough word for us. In fact in America we know people who have described our bond with our humans as ‘pathological’ and our Mistress says she can see where they are coming from. Anyway, if you want to enter you can find all the details HERE – good luck and let us know if you win.

I managed half a walk yesterday. It gave me chance to have a sniff and pick up half a dead animal. Sadly I was told in no uncertain terms to leave the dead animal where I found it. I’ve marked the spot so I can find it again later when hopefully our Mistress will be paying a little less attention to what I’m up to.

Wilma has had our Mistress worried. On Sunday she woke up with a cough and runny eyes and our Mistress feared she was going to end up missing Crufts. She had a little coughing fit in the afternoon when she went for a walk, but was ok the rest of the day. Yesterday she coughed a tiny bit when she got up and just a little bit later, but less than Sunday so our Mistress is hoping she’s just had a slight cold and will be well enough to go and not likely to pass anything on. Today is decision day, so we are waiting to see what our Mistress thinks. Wilma was allowed not to go to her dog training class last night in the hope she would be better for a rest. Tonight’s class is the important one this week as she should be getting her certificate to say she’s passed her puppy course and can move on to the next level. She’s also been learning tricks to show off in the end of course party.

IMG_2953It snowed here on Sunday night and was white over yesterday. This is Wilma looking longingly out of the window and asking to go out to play in it. She was refused in case it made her cold worse!

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