Thursday 14th July 2016 – one excited puppy

It’s Wilma here. I’m taking over for the next few days to tell you all about my adventures. Alfie is doing fine, he’s at home looking after Aristotle, but Shadow and I are going on our holidays. Ok, holidays is a bit of an exaggeration. We’re only away for a few days and we’re going to see some of Shadow’s children and some of our other Entlebucher friends. You cannot believe how excited I am. I’m going to see the sea. I’ve never been to the seaside before and on Saturday I’m going to a real beach, with real sea. I can’t wait. We didn’t set off until last night, so we’ve only got part way there so far. We had to wait until I’d finished my training class before we set off. It’s great when things have to be planned around my diary, it makes me feel really important. Anyway, Mum has said as it is my bronze course we aren’t going to miss any of those. She is also saying as I am not going to have a long term show career if I’d like to we can give competition obedience a try. She thinks I might be quite good at it, but that she might not be quite so up to scratch. I said I’d try to help her.

Back to my holiday. Last night we stayed in an airport hotel that was on route to where we are going. For a horrible minute, I thought we were getting on a plane and I thought we might be going a long way, but Mum reassured me that we were driving but that particular hotel had been a convenient point between our house and Devon, which is where we are going. We are going to be staying in a National Park called Dartmoor National Park. I was reading about it earlier and was glad to find we aren’t going to the bit with the prison. We’ve booked an afternoon tea for this afternoon and I’ve never had one of those before so I’m really excited. Shadow has packed some tennis balls so we can make our humans run round afterwards to work it off. Now I’ve got to go and get in the car for the second leg of the journey – woohooo seaside here I come!

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