Sunday 25th September 2016 – What a fun day

Shadow and family

Shadow and family

Yesterday was the biggest fun day I’ve been to. I think there were about 17 of us altogether. It got off to a shaky start for me as I still had a bad tummy. We stayed in a hotel on Friday night and it all went a bit wrong. First of all I had an upset tummy on the bedroom floor, but thankfully it was a tiled floor so Mum was able to clear up. Then I got Mum up at 3am, 3.20am and 4am and again at 6.30 and only the last time was because I wanted to chase the bunnies we’d seen earlier! Anyway, I had to sit out quite a bit of fun day as much due to my season only just coming to an end as anything. I did upset one or two of them because of how I smelled, but I couldn’t help it. The best big for me was seeing Salvo again. Oh how we played. He was as pleased to see me as I was him. Shadow saw five of her children and her granddaughter. This is their family photo. She was very happy. I saw lots of old friends and made some new ones too. It was funny, when Dixie saw Salvo I think it was love at first sight, she thought he was wonderful. The girl’s got good taste.

On the drive home I had to shout to Mum at the front of the car that I needed the toilet again and could she please stop the car. We were going through some roadworks at the time and she said there was absolutely nothing she could do until we got to a service station. She kept telling me how far we had to go and asked me to hang on. I was so grateful when she got me out. Dad was amazed that Mum and I had had a whole conversation and clearly understood each other. He clearly has no idea just how much we talk to each other through the day.

Lots of people asked how Alfie was and now we’re anxious to see him and see how he is. Mum always worries about him when they have to be apart, but even more at the moment, but he’s in good hands.

I do wish we could have more fun days. Mum’s said that if I’m good she’s going to take me to Discover Dogs so I can see some of my friends. I’m looking forward to that.



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