Saturday 4th March 2017 – Shadow has a waist

Now after all the rude things we’ve all said, it is only fair to tell you that my Mum, Shadow, has found her waist. It’s still quite a search, but it’s definitely there. When she started her diet she weighed in at 25.5kg now she is down to a very respectable 23.2kg. How good is that? She now realistically thinks she can be down to under 23kg in time for going into the show ring in just over a week’s time. She is very happy as when she qualified for Crufts some while ago that was the negative comment the judge made, that she could do with losing a little weight. Now she’s just sorry that it won’t be the same judge as she wants to go back and show how well she’s done. She is actually looking pretty good and, as long as nothing goes wrong between now and then, is set to do herself proud. I will be one very happy son cheering her on when she’s there. I shan’t actually be going myself, but I shall be eagerly waiting for news and looking forward to seeing the photos.

Alfie looking all gentle and sleepy

Alfie went to the vet again yesterday. His neck is hurting and he’s holding his head all hunched and his ear at a funny angle, but we can’t actually find out what’s wrong. He’s got a couple of days of extra pain killers to try and get him through it.

My little sister, Cinders has been sending some reviews to Wilma for her travel section. It’s coming along nicely. You can see all the locations she’s covered so far on the map HERE. One of the places that Cinders has reported on is the first one to be awarded a six bone rating. Now we all want to go to stay at The Deer Park Country Hotel in Devon as it sounds amazing. Don’t forget, all you dogs can send your hotel reviews in to Wilma to be included on the site. We are hoping to build up quite a selection as time goes on. Wilma is adding at least one every day at the moment.

Have a happy Saturday


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2 Responses to Saturday 4th March 2017 – Shadow has a waist

  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Sorry to hear Alfie is not feeling too good. Hope he is feeling better soon. Sending him lots of cuddles. A happy tail waggy weekend to you all. xxxx

    • Aristotle says:

      Thank you. He seems a little brighter this morning and certainly isn’t moaning as much 🙂
      Have a lovely Saturday

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