Wednesday 8th March 2017 – Worrying for nothing

It seems Mum may be worrying about nothing with Alfie’s neck. Our vet took a sample with a needle yesterday and has sent it to the lab, but thinks it is nothing more than a swollen salivary gland. It does mean we still don’t really know why Alfie is so miserable, but hopefully with the weather warming up a little he might cheer up. I’m a happy dog, but then I’ve got five whole days of Mum to myself.

Shadow is happy too. She is now just 23kg, so has lost another 200g. She asked if that meant she could stop dieting, but Mum has said she has another kilogram to lose yet, but she’s getting there. She is proving an inspiration to Mum who is now on day three of her cutting down without having totally given up, although I don’t think she’s being as strict as she might be. We’re having lunch at a pub in Nottingham today on our way to Crufts and I shall be watching very carefully what Mum eats. To be fair, we all watch what our humans are eating fairly closely, but that’s in the hope of it being handed over to us.

You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve packed for the next few days. I’ve got the flyers to offer companies to do a sponsored post with us to help raise money for Heidi, and a notebook so I can interview people. Then of course a camera, although I think Mum wants to use the one in her phone so we have less to carry. I think I’ve got all my tickets and my show lead, a brush and of course my rucksack. Mum say we’re going to have a look for a better rucksack for me as the zips are beginning to go on this one. This is the offer we’re making. Do feel free to share it with anyone you know as we want to raise as much as we can for Heidi and of course it will mean we can tell you about lots of very exciting things that you might like too.

I’ll be back again tomorrow when I’ll be on my way to the NEC to get started.

Have a lovely Wednesday


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