Wednesday 15th March 2017 – Nothing like a windy day

Windy days do not go down well in our house. If you live with dogs you may realise that we are more attuned to the weather than most humans. It’s not helped by our house facing west and getting the full force of the wind. That in itself would not be so much of a problem if Shadow didn’t feel the need to bark at every leaf that blows across her view and sitting on the chair by the window so she can see it all happen. She barks, I bark, and a whole chain reaction goes off. Combine that with it setting off our Mistress’s tinnitus and you can imagine how happy our household was yesterday. I did try voting that we all went to bed and snuggled up somewhere dark and quiet, but unfortunately our Mistress seemed to think that working through it might be a better approach. Of course, she was wrong and she got more and more wound up as we steadfastly refused to be quiet and calm. She said it’s a good job we don’t get real storms here. I suggested a starting point might be to ask Shadow to sit in a room that faces east instead of west, but as our Mistress pointed out if I was brave enough to tell Shadow to move that was entirely up to me. She can be a bit strong willed at times. In the end I decided I’d just cover my ears and hope for the best.

Our Mistress’s mood was not improved by something going on with our phone line, but that may have been weather related too. It’s one of the joys of living in a small village, things don’t always work quite as you’d expect. It’s either that or the mice in the loft have been causing trouble again.

Village life can have odd turns of events. The previous evening our Mistress had driven down to the village to a meeting as she didn’t feel like walking. When she went to get back in the car it had been surrounded by toads. She tried to get some of them to move so she wouldn’t run them over, but two of them were in the midst of a passionate embrace and weren’t really taking in their surroundings. She had to manoeuvre the car very carefully as she didn’t want to run them over. Walking down to the village in the dark can be interesting, trying not to step on them too. I guess spring is well and truly on the way.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Mom (Shadow) needs to learn to ignore the wind, I try but yesterday there were gusts up to 75mph.


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