Thursday 16th March 2016 – Wilma is pining

Today Wilma is apart from our Mistress. It does not happen often and I don’t know which of them will be more sad. Wilma will be happy playing with other dogs for the day but our Mistress will have to cope without any dogs to play with. It is not often that our Mistress goes to places that she can’t take any of us, but she thought someone might think it odd if she turned up at a meeting in London with Wilma in tow. She did think of doing it just to see what would happen, but given she gets paid to be there she thought perhaps she would not push her luck, however good Wilma can be.

Our Mistress didn’t want a day in a city anyway. Spring is finally in the process of arriving in our village and it is simply lovely. The village green is covered in daffodils and the trees are coming into leaf. On the airfield where we like to walk there are clumps of flowers and yesterday it was beautifully warm and sunny. This is what a good looking show dog does in her downtime! Mind you, our Mistress was making her do some more difficult obedience work while they were out too. She is trying to teach Wilma to stop exactly where she is and then let our Mistress go to her. To be honest, Aristotle is the only one of the rest of us who will actually do it fairly reliably, but our Mistress says she has hope for Wilma. She wants to get her to the point she will drop into a ‘down’ at a distance, but given she is not keen to go into a down when she is nearby I think it could take a while. I’m sure if any of us can do it then Wilma can!

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