Monday 27th March 2017 – Calling all travellers

Before I appeal to you all for some help, I just have to tell you about my niece. This is Eroica one of my sister Valeria’s puppies. She is coming to live in England. Not only that but I’m going to Switzerland to bring her home. I’m so excited. She won’t actually live with us, there are quite enough in our household already, but it will be wonderful to act as a surrogate mum for her on the journey and get her safely to her new home. Her new human will be with us too, but I’m thrilled to be able to help. She really is a very beautiful little girl and everyone is hoping she will grow up to have puppies of her own in the future. Obviously, as a doting aunt I can’t have favourites among my nieces and nephews and they are all wonderful, but it’s extra special to be able to be part of the process.

Now, while I’m at it I need your help. As you will see below my travel map is progressing, but we need to review more hotels. If you have ever stayed in a hotel with your human then we’d be delighted to hear from you as to what you thought. We don’t care how good it was for the humans, except as it affects your stay. What was good for you? If you are a hotel who welcomes dogs then you are welcome to get in touch too. We’ll give an outline bone rating to places we haven’t visited based on you completing a questionnaire so we know what it will be like for dogs who do stay.

It is an interesting when you look at the map of all the places we’ve been able to write up so far to realise there is a bit of a pattern to our journeys and if you are ever driving between the UK and Switzerland we probably are the people to ask! We need to start filling in all the gaps now. We’re still adding places each day but unless I get our Mistress to pack a suitcase and set off then we will run out of the ones we’ve stayed in, so do get submitting your reviews. You can find all we’ve done so far in the travel section of the blog on the menu bar. It will drop down to show you pages by different area.

Have a great week


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