Monday 15th May 2017 – A Mate for Perry

I like everyone to be happy. Perry isn’t doing a very good job in his position on the summerhouse so I was wondering if he might be lonely. Then when Mum was in York she came across somewhere introducing the public to birds of prey. There was one who looked a bit like Perry but she thinks it’s a Marsh Harrier so we’ve called her Harriet and I was just wondering if she could come round to meet Perry. Mum said it might prove disastrous as Harriett is rather more real than Perry, but I didn’t think Perry would see it that way. Anyway, Harriett if you are reading this, do feel free to visit, but preferably when we are indoors!

My travel site is expanding. We now have over 40 hotel listings and it’s growing all the time.

The best bit is finding places that I want to go to stay or at the very least go for lunch. Alfie told you that I want to go to The Kings Arms Hotel at Reeth up here in North Yorkshire. How about this for their menu for dogs? I simply can’t decide what I’d order. I’m hoping to go with Cinders and maybe we could order different dishes and then try each other’s. Of course, she’d have to get in pretty quickly to actually get any of mine. Mum has said I might have to work on my table manners before she’ll take me, but I do have a problem with the whole no elbows on the table and using a knife and fork. Don’t get me wrong, if it means I get to eat out then I’m more than happy to try.

We were helping Mum yesterday making sure all the equipment, that’s needed for the breeding test on Saturday, was in working order. I think I’m helping with the character test so I really have to be on my best behaviour. I might not be helping in the morning, but in the afternoon the last dog for the character is in season so we need a girl to help with the not reacting to other dogs in the character part and obviously can’t use a boy. Mum’s being telling me what I will have to do and I’ve been practicing. I’m quite excited.

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