Monday 29th May 2017 – Me Heartthrob

I’m in love. Not just a little bit. I’m head over paws in love with Leo. Mum wonders if I might be coming into season as we were both so utterly desperate to be together and we were both shrieking when we couldn’t be. He even jumped out of the kitchen window into the garden to come and find me. I was flirting. I admit it, but to be honest neither one of us needed any encouragement at all. Season or no season we’d both have been happy to mate right there right then. That’s why Mum took me into the garden to separate us, but Leo howled and I wouldn’t stop barking. As a result Mum thought she should take me away rather sooner than later to be on the safe side. I was devastated. That was when he jumped out of the window to come after me. It was so romantic.

Anyway, then we went to see my aunt’s new house which was great too, even though I was sad to leave Leo. Mum’s promised I can see him again soon. We went for a long walk in the afternoon, but Mum was worried in case my season was starting so she made me be on the short lead to be on the safe side. She didn’t bring my pants with us as she wasn’t expecting my season to start for another couple of months. She says we will call at the pet shop tomorrow morning to buy me some pants just in case. It is going to make some of what we had planned very difficult if it had. I was hoping for quite a few long walks over the next week or so. She said she was looking forward to a nice break in Switzerland without having to think about a dog being in season. Ah well, you can’t plan these things.

I had my first holiday ice cream while I was out too. Mum’s promised it won’t be the last, but I think that’s because she likes having them too. She wasn’t pleased when I said ‘But I thought you were on a diet.’.



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