Tuesday 30th May 2017 – Exciting times

Never mind my trip, as I write this, Bella is in labour. So far she has had one rather small little girl and one big boy. We are waiting for further news. We are all sending them all very best wishes.

In the meantime we went to see my grandparents before driving down to Kent. We went to the pet shop first to buy me some pants in case I need them. I chose some biscuits too as Mum had forgotten to bring my bedtime Bonios. It was really odd at my grandparents as Mum went through a big pile of books they were throwing out. Mum kept shrieking with excitement as she found books she’d read as a child and others that had belonged to her own grandfather. It looks as though it might be good news for us too as some of them have walks that she wants to go on.

We were hoping to see Mum’s goddaughter when we got to Kent, but as everything started happening with Bella we couldn’t and instead came straight to our hotel and went for a lovely walk around the village it’s in. Mum reminded me to make lots of notes so I can write up about the hotel and give it a bone rating. I do quite like it here, but they charge quite a high amount for my stay so I need to take that into account. At least being here in the morning will mean we don’t have to start out too early. It should only take us about forty minutes to get to the check in for the Channel Crossing, although Mum says she needs to make a stop to buy a breathalyser kit as we need one for France and the one she had has passed its expiry date. I can’t see much point as I only drink water with the occasional bit of mud and Mum’s strongest drink is likely to be coffee.  She did say she’d make it feel better by buying a coffee at the same time.

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