Wednesday 14th June 2017 – Doing the right thing

I didn’t go swimming yesterday. In the end I took pity on Aristotle and let him go in my place. Our Mistress said he was very good and just swam up and down really gently exercising his front legs and was very grateful. That made me feel a bit better about missing out, but not much.

Wilma has an infection in her paw. The vet doesn’t think there is anything in it, but our Mistress has to monitor how she does. She has antibiotics and anti-inflammatories so we will see. The funny part is that she mustn’t lick it. Obviously that in itself is not funny, but our Mistress said it was no problem she could wear one of the boots that Megan had some years ago when she hurt a paw. They are really good neoprene ones with a rubber sole, in bright pink, which she thought would cheer Wilma up. Wilma is only about 1cm shorter than Megan was at the shoulder so our Mistress presumed the boot would fit. It turns out that Wilma has much daintier feet than Megan and they were miles too big. She rummaged about in the cupboard and found a different type in a ‘medium’, but that was too big too. Instead she has improvised and Wilma is wearing an old ankle sock, taped up at the top. She says it’s much more comfortable and it’s doing the trick. On the plus side our Mistress has several pairs of socks she can use so Wilma can have clean ones at regular intervals. She is missing a couple of days of walks to see if it clears up. Considering how strong Wilma is, she really does have surprisingly small feet. I suppose that is how she manages to be so nimble when she wants to be. She can use her front paws as hands far more than the rest of us. I think her toes are longer and certainly more flexible. She can use them to take hold of things very effectively and is the envy of the rest of us in that regard.

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