Thursday 6th July 2017 – Wilma has life worked out

‘Go to bed,’ our Mistress said. So we did! I know that means get into my own bed. To be fair Wilma knows that is what is meant too, but she took a different approach to the problem the other night. She quickly got ‘into’ bed. I mean right into bed with her head on the pillow… next to our Master. She wasn’t even on top of the covers. She had got herself right under the duvet and was intent on staying there the night. Even our Mistress didn’t have the heart to argue, but just managed to squeeze in next to her. How do you say ‘no’ to eyes like those?

Wilma had her vet visit yesterday and the vet thinks it’s her knee she has tweaked and that although it does seem on the road to recovery she had just pulled it slightly again running with Bernie. She has to rest it for a week and then see how it is going. For that week she is on gentle lead exercise. That means no tearing round the garden like a mad thing and no vaulting over dog gates as though they aren’t there. So far she is interpreting her instructions rather loosely, much to our Mistress’s exasperation!

Yesterday in the post our Mistress received a memory stick with hundreds and hundreds of Entlebucher photos on it. It is from my late dad’s human in Switzerland to help our Mistress with the book she is writing. You would not believe how many photographs of our breed there are on it. I think we could possibly spend the next five days doing nothing but look at photographs. Our problem at the moment is knowing which of them are covered by copyright so I don’t know if I can show any to you, but I’ll let you know when our Mistress finds out a little more.

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