Monday 24th July 2017 – Beach Party

We had a wonderful day yesterday. The weather was great, so the humans were happy and I so enjoyed seeing some of my friends. Shadow was pleased to check how some of her children were doing and I was especially pleased to see Hendrix as I rather like him, although not as much as Leo so he doesn’t need to worry. It was a bit eventful for Hendrix’s humans. When they arrived they managed to lock the car keys in the car before they had got Hendrix out. It would have taken too long for the rescue people to come so they had to smash their own car window to get Hendrix out of the car. I love the fact that they didn’t take any risks with my friend. Mum says things like that are her worst nightmare and she would have done exactly the same thing.

Sogeli is a mad as ever and loves to dig holes. I had a go, but I just don’t do it with the same degree of enthusiasm. Cracker wanted to play even when the rest of us were ready to lie down. Mum still thinks Otto is gorgeous. She was very attached to him when he was little. He has longer hair than the rest of us, a gene he gets from his dad. Mum was telling him about one of his half brothers on his dad’s side, Shaggy, who is the only long haired Entlebucher we know. Otto’s isn’t like that but it does have a very cute extra fluffiness about it.

Hendrix is quite big and hunky and he isn’t related to the rest of them, at least not closely.

When we arrived we played and played. I didn’t really want to go in the sea much as I remembered it making me ill last year. I know Mum said it would be ok if I kept my mouth shut, but that’s not easy to do when you’re still learning to swim. I totally wore myself out and then curled up sitting on Mum’s knee so I could be as close to her as I possibly could be. I didn’t need to wear my new dressing gown but Mum gave it to me anyway so that I would have it if I wanted to put it on.



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5 Responses to Monday 24th July 2017 – Beach Party

  1. Susi says:

    Dear Wilma

    Do you know that Schaaggi is the very first whelp I gave birth to? My humans named him after a popular Swiss actor of the fifties. It’s a Swiss German diminutive form of Jacob.
    He got his name right after his birth – long before they realised his being long-haired. And he grew up to be the most amiable dog you can imagine, and to live up to his (anglicised) name Shaggy, too.

    By the way: Darwin-Baloo, one of the four pups of Valeria’s first litter, is back with us. His owner moves to New York and can’t take him there nor could he find a new owner. He’s 11 months old now and he’s a fine little boy. We don’t think we’ll have problems to find a good place for him.

    Have a good time down south. Kind regards to all your human and canine friends.

    Mama Susi.

    • Wilma Dog says:

      That is so interesting. I don’t think I knew that Shaggy (Schaaggi) was my brother. Otto is very gentle too. He was playing with a little girl on the beach. He had never met her before and it was just lovely. I would have joined in, but I was too tired and just wanted to curl up on Mum’s knee by then.
      I’m very sorry to hear one of my nephews needs a home. If you don’t have anyone then let me know as we know someone here who might like to help. Mum had to help in rehoming a 15 month old boy here in England only a week ago and there were two families who wanted him.
      Love Wilma

  2. Susi says:

    If we don’t find a good place for Darwin-Baloo very soon we are of course happy to know we can ask you for help. Because of his testicles that have not descended to their right place (the scrotum) he will be castrated tomorrow. Wish him all the best as we do here. We’ll keep you informed.


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