Sunday 30th July 2017 – A morning in bed

Home is where you are allowed on the settee and the bed, where the biscuits are always in the same place, where the back door is always the place to head if you want to go out, where you know which plants prickle. Home is the place where it is acceptable to lick the plates and beg at the table, where the walking boots are always at the ready and your muddy paw towel is always handy. Home is where you can relax and not worry about putting a paw wrong, where you know who sleeps in which room and where you aren’t surprised when it rains.

I know that going away is exciting, but I have to say that, as a dog, coming home is even better. I had a lovely morning relaxing with Mum. Oh, I know we had to do boring stuff like hanging out the washing, but Shadow and I even made a game out of that. We helped with all the unpacking and ran up and down stairs just as many time as Mum did and a few circles around her for good measure. She was glad that the pile of post was quite small and disappointed that the pile of washing was so large. However there was still plenty of time for us just to snuggle up together and relax.

We went and checked how everything is growing in the garden. Aristotle is going to be so excited when he sees that one of his sunflowers is now coming into flower. Nothing seems to have died while we were away and the good news is that the potatoes are ready to eat and so are the carrots. We actually had some of the carrots while we were on holiday and they were really nice. Once Alfie is home tomorrow he’ll get priority on sampling the carrots.

Today I think if the rain holds off we’re having a lovely walk so I can’t stay in bed today as well. Ah well, I love walks as much as I do cuddles so I’m still happy.

Oh and before Alfie get’s cross with me for forgetting to say it, Happy 84th birthday Granny, with love from all of us!

Have fun


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  1. Brenda Kind says:

    Thank you Wilma
    i’m 21 4 times over
    Love Granny

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