Tuesday 1st August 2017 – Looking good

Well I’m home and very pleased to be I am too. As Wilma started showing you some garden pictures yesterday I thought I’d add one or two of my own today. When I went to inspect everything our Mistress said I was looking so relaxed and happy to be home that she couldn’t resist taking my photo and told me what I fine fellow I’m looking. You’d never guess I’m almost 11 ¾ by just looking at me. Ok, so when I move my back end isn’t so good and I have got a bit distressed about having been away but overall our Mistress thinks the break may have done me good. We’re lucky to have such a good kennels and I do like the people there. I’ve known the owner of the kennels most of my life and he is so lovely to me. Anyway, it’s a good job I like it there as I have some more time when our Mistress goes away without us in a couple of weeks. She’s going on her own that time so I shall be staying with Wilma.

Anyway, back in the garden I thought I’d show you some of the more practical things. Aristotle can have his flowers, but I’m more of a vegetable dog myself. This year we’re growing carrots, parsnips, runner beans and potatoes. And of course there is the herb garden that Wilma mentioned. Our Mistress has about 20 different varieties of herb, although some of them do seem to be taking over rather. Then there are the fruit trees. The pears are not doing very well and have precisely no fruit. The apple trees on the other paw are doing very well and the birds ate the cherries. The other day a blackbird nonchalantly walked straight past  our Mistress, hopped up, took a blueberry, looked at her as much as to say ‘What are you going to do about it?’ and hopped back down again. Wildlife isn’t as shy and retiring as it used to be. They seem to come with attitude now.

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  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Welcome back Alfie. As much as I enjoyed Wilma’s reports I missed you. Your mistress is right you are a fine looking fellow. Love the photo. Hope you all have a lovely day. xxx

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