Saturday 5th August 2017 – Living with a fox

We have a new housemate. He’s called Niesen. Now to be fair, he’s not moving a great deal and that’s probably for the best. He’s a sculpture. While they were on holiday our Mistress was struck by a wonderful fox sculpture in a shop window in Totnes. She thought no more about it until a large box was delivered to our house with the word ‘fox’ on the outside. Shadow and our Master had waited until our Mistress and Wilma had walked further down the street and slipped into the shop without her knowing. Wilma’s fed up that she did not get to look round the shop, but our Mistress said that unless she starts getting the hang of the damage her paws can do then she won’t be going into an art gallery anytime soon.

Anyway, he’s moved in and our Mistress is absolutely delighted. You may wonder why he is now called Niesen. He’s named after the mountain opposite our friends’ house in Switzerland. More to the point he is named after a character in a children’s story based on the mountain. In the story it is the job of the Niesen Fox to go up the mountain each night and light the lamp on the very top so that planes know it’s there. Alfie has a copy of the story and our Mistress reads it to him sometimes. They have copies in English and in the original German – the good thing is she can read both of them now, although Alfie has no idea what’s she’s saying if she reads it in German to him.

Granny though it would be nice if we told you what Megan is up to now. Our Mistress says she will try to get some up to date information and also see if she can visit her when they go to Germany in a few weeks. Megan was my girlfriend. She used to live here, but she wanted to be an only dog and have our Mistress all to herself. It was all very hard, as although we can all be a bit like that Megan started attacking Alfie out of Jealousy. I know our Mistress still misses her and often calls Wilma ‘Megan’ by mistake. Wilma is Megan’s niece and does look very like her. I wish I could go and see her as I really idolised her.

Have a great Saturday


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