Thursday 31st August 2017 – Another day another steam train

It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was reporting from the South Devon Steam Railway and today I’m going on the North York Moors one. Shadow has been on it before I think, but it’s my first time. I think we’re having a nice walk in between our two trains so I’m rather looking forward to all of it.

Yesterday was a bit of a paws up sort of a day. Dad went to see the King they found in a car park and Mum stayed with us and our grandparents for a couple of hours before we all went to pick Dad up and drive home. Even though we were only away one night Shadow and I felt compelled to go and check our beds were in their usual places and that no one had stolen our bowls. Once we’d found all was well we were much happier and ready to sit quietly with our paws up while Mum caught up on some emails.

The holiday is disappearing too fast for all of us. Shadow and I are going to find it very hard to settle back into our normal routine after a week that we’ve been having so much run. We will be pleased to see Aristotle and Alfie as it’s really odd without them around. Mum has been talking to Shadow about whether she would like to spend more time in the office and let Alfie use her room. Shadow said she’d like more time in the office but to keep the front room as hers for when she wants it, but Mum doesn’t seem to think that would be very fair. I think Alfie might like a room where he can sit on the settee and look out of the window.

Anyway, I’m off to catch the train



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