Saturday 2nd September 2017 – Panic Attack

Oh dear, it’s not my week. I’ve told you before that I have claustrophobia, well yesterday I had a bit of a panic attack with it. We did go to the North York Moors Railway and because we were running a bit late we had to get on the train right by the ticket office at Pickering Station. It is all undercover so was quite dark and an old fashioned carriage with compartments. The corridor by the door to the first compartment felt very enclosed and then once Dad shut the compartment door and I realised the window was too high up for me to see out of I panicked as I felt so enclosed. Thankfully Mum has learned how to calm me down and immediately got me to stand up on her legs so I could see out and she then massaged my shoulders to relax me until we were out of the station. I was really wired for ages afterwards, but at least I did stop barking most of the time. After that the day got much better, until we had to walk through a field of sheep and I thought all my birthdays and Christmases had come at once. I couldn’t decide between eating all the sheep poo or trying to chase the sheep, again with Mum still attached. We walked all the way from Grosmont Station back to Goatland and it took about an hour and twenty minutes including some steep uphill bits. By the time we got on the return train and I found I was in a more normal carriage I was much more relaxed and happily went to sleep under the table until we got back to Pickering. Mum and Dad both really love steam trains. I quite like them, but I’m not sure I’d want to go on them too often.

We might be going to a beach today and that’s much more my thing.

Happy Saturday

Love WIlma

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