Saturday 9th September 2017 – Wilma is doing fine

Wilma went for her vet check yesterday and they are very pleased with her. She asked if that meant she could go back to jumping about yet and they said she still needs to wait a few days for that, so she was a little less pleased. She hates being cooped up and misses going for walks desperately. Our Mistress said to her that she should look on the bring side as now she has had her operation she won’t have any more seasons with times she can’t walk.

Wilma being Wilma, she has worked out how to take her protective jumper off. Our Mistress has explained that unless she chooses to keep it on then she will need to wear a cone, so she may as well get used to it. Alfie then reminded her how uncomfortable a cone was and how annoying it is when your head ricochets off everything because you’ve misjudged the width of the cone and she said she’d try to be good and stick with it.

She will miss the dog show she was going to be in next week, which is a shame, but Shadow says she will do her best to make us all proud anyway.

Our Mistress says she really needs Wilma to be back to full fitness soon or she is going to have to stop eating so much cake. She is really missing her long walks and I’m not really helping as I don’t want to walk as far at the moment. Our Mistress will make up for it to some extent this weekend as tomorrow she’s going walking with Alpacas. I just hope she doesn’t think that’s better than walking with dogs or we could all be in trouble.

Happy Saturday


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2 Responses to Saturday 9th September 2017 – Wilma is doing fine

  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    So pleased to hear Wilma is recovering well. Sammi also advises her to stick with the protective jumper. I hope you have now fully recovered and Alfie is also better. Can’t believe he ate some of his bed!
    Happy weekend to you all. xxx

    • Alfie says:

      Thank you Sammi, I’m fine now and I think Ari is back to normal. Wilma wants to jump everywhere so I’m guessing she’s feeling much better and she keeps asking our Mistress how long she needs to stay in her crate because she’s bored. Which I think all means she will be find, thank you.
      For reference I did not eat much of my bed and it didn’t taste that nice!

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