Wednesday 13th September 2017 – Happy Dogs

Hello everyone, it’s Aristotle here as Alfie is not feeling so good. His thyroid glands are back to golf ball sized and he’s very out of sorts. Anyway, can you imagine how happy Shadow is at the moment? Her original human is around and she just can’t contain her excitement. We’re all pretty pleased to see him, even Wilma who doesn’t know him so well. Alfie did use all his energy to run around in excitement for two minutes, but then went back to bed and said he was exhausted. Shadow on the other paw has barely had any of her paws on the ground since he arrived and has almost sung every time he was approaching and she wanted to see him.

Alfie being unwell meant I went swimming yesterday. I put up a fight as that’s expected of me, but quite enjoyed myself once I’d got in the water. I swim up and down until I’m told I can get out again and then make the most of being towelled down and blow dried with the hair dryer. It’s worth going just for those too things.

Wilma is a very happy dog as she can take her onesie off today officially. She has taken it off most days until our Mistress has realised and made her put it back on. Thankfully she is healing well and although not allowed to jump yet she can take her onesie off and go for a walk. She is still going to have to be in her crate for another few days to stop her jumping so our Mistress has promised her a couple of walks a day to help make up for that as long as she feels ready. Ha ha, silly question, does Wilma ever not feel like going for a walk?

Have a great Wednesday


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