Saturday 23rd September 2017 – Fake news

We’ve been sent the below information on Dog Food Myths that we thought you’d find interesting. I did ask if we could edit out it being a myth that if we’re begging it’s because we’re hungry. I don’t want something that might get in the way of our eating treats. Our Mistress says that when she was young and she went to the food cupboard, looking in longingly, our Granny would say to her it wasn’t that she was hungry it was because her teeth were bored! Well our teeth get bored too, particularly between meals!

To be honest, I find food issues easier to deal with than world peace and how exactly this country will leave the European Union. I might be a bright dog, but I just don’t have the patience for things like that. That’s more Alfie’s field. I’m more into instant gratification and accessing the treat cupboard, which, I might add, is now a higher level cupboard as otherwise we help ourselves. Would you believe our spare food is even kept behind a locked door? Not just closed, but actually locked!

One disappointing thing about Shadow and Wilma not going to Fun Day today is that one of them can usually be relied on to win a prize in one of the games. That means we all get to try a treat we wouldn’t normally be given. Our Mistress is a bit boring on the treat front and won’t buy us all the ‘sweets’ we ask for. I know she says we can use our own pocket money, but quite honestly, where’s the fun in that? Given the frequency of her buying cakes for herself I do think her lack of buying treats for us is unreasonable. In my terms it’s a myth that the dogs of this household are spoiled, but I do seem to have trouble getting anyone to agree with me.

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