Monday 2nd October 2017 – Getting ready to walk

We’re starting the walk for Heidi next Saturday. There will be 20 of us altogether working to cover 552 between then and the 25th October when we go to the Embassy. To make it easier for you to donate, we’ve set up a Just Giving page HERE – please help if you can. I know I’m looking forward to all the walking but it’s still going to be hard on my paws.

Of course being a dog who visits an Embassy is going to be exciting as I don’t suppose many get to do that. Mum has been sending out all the press releases to tell the world what we’re doing. She’s hoping that some of the newspapers or tv might turn out to see us. It would be rather fun although I promise I won’t let stardom change me. Shadow pointed out she’d already been on tv and it was no big deal and she hasn’t let it turn her head.

Alfie is fed up as his swimming has been cancelled again for tomorrow as Mum is still too poorly to do everything. He says he feels he really needs it, but he’s just going to have to wait. Maybe it will mean he doesn’t mind getting in when he does go back.

I think I’m looking forward to seeing some of my friends as much as going to the Embassy itself. Salvo and Izzy will be there, which is always good news as they are family too, as of course is Sybil. Bella and maybe Babeli will be there as well. Mum can’t wait to meet Babeli as she is one very cute puppy and she lives with Alfie’s girlfriend which has to be a good thing. She’s also been helping to look after Heidi, the dog we’re raising money for, so she has a lot to cope with for a young puppy.

I’m off to see if Aristotle wants to come out to play. That’s the thing with missing some walks with our Mistress being ill, I need to run round the garden more to get rid of the energy.

Bye for now


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