Saturday 28th October 2017 – Alfie’s New Medication

We don’t want to be too optimistic, well to be honest we do but we don’t want to be disappointed! Anyway, Alfie has started a new medication and we are all very excited about the results. It has only been a couple of days so it may be a bit early to get excited but there have been some noticeable changes. He still hates me, so that hasn’t changed, but at night he is getting into his own bed and sleeping properly. Before he was lying on the floor by our Mistress and then spending some of the night pacing up and down. It’s not just that in a morning he doesn’t wake up so confused and remembers he has to come downstairs with our Mistress. She had been having to wait patiently until he remembered that was the next thing to do. And, he hasn’t had so much problem coming downstairs. We’re now just hoping that all those things continue and that maybe there will be other good signs too. Even if it just means our Mistress gets more sleep we’ll all benefit from that one!

I think he’s asked to go out for another walk this weekend too, which is very good as he doesn’t have to for Heidi anymore. He quite likes going with Shadow as she makes him feel a bit more confident.

Wilma is excited as she is going to London again if all goes to plan. All of the bloggers who were listed in the top 10 UK pet blogs have been talking about getting together and Alfie has asked Wilma to go on his behalf. She can’t wait to meet the other dogs and discuss with them the different ideas they have. Ok, what she actually said was ‘Yay – play date’ but I’m guessing she will remember to cover some of the serious stuff.

Have a really good Saturday. I’m going to be doing some gardening with our Mistress. What are you up to?

Oh dear I nearly forgot to tell you, that if you want to hear our Mistress talking about her new book ‘New York Orphan’ in an interview on Radio York you can hear it HERE. It starts 1 hour and 39 mins into the show.

Love Aristotle

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9 Responses to Saturday 28th October 2017 – Alfie’s New Medication

  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    I do hope Alfie’s improvement continues.
    I’m going to my niece’s this aftternoon. She’s having a little party and is going to reveal the gender of her baby who is due in March. Sammi is going to my friend’s to spend the afternoon with her friends, the whippets and jack.
    Heard your mistress talking about her new book. She was good wasn’t she.
    Happy weekend to you all. xxxxx

  2. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Oops! That should have been jack russell. xxxx

    • Aristotle says:

      I think it’s a girl and Wilma says boy, so one of us will be right. Our Mistress says thank you too. She gets very nervous about things like that.
      Have a great time

  3. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Will let you know who is right. xxx

  4. Gill Wiltshire says:

    It’s a boy! Well done Wilma. Give that dog a treat! xxxx

    • Aristotle says:

      Bother, I thought it was a girl. Perhaps I’ll fib to our Mistress so I can have the treat instead. I hope all goes well with the baby.
      Love Aristotle

  5. Em and Olie says:

    Great news! Keep it up!

    • Aristotle says:

      Thank you. We really hope he does as the house is much more ‘normal’ – as much as this house could ever be described that way!

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