Monday 30th October 2017 – One weird family!

This is Dad. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘He’s not looking well’. Of course, you’d be wrong, he is never happier than when he has an excuse to dress up. He just loves playing the baddy in the pantomime and was only too happy to volunteer himself to judge the pumpkin carving competition, on condition he could be ‘Death’. He’s read too many Terry Pratchett books, in which Death is quite a fun figure with a horse called Binky. The only problem is that most of the people who were at the village event yesterday had absolutely no idea what he was talking about! We knew, but of course were not part of the event. We have to listen to Mum’s audio books on long car journeys and she’s a big Terry Pratchett fan.

Mum thought this was odd but I don’t see why. Can you spot in the picture where my Heffelump is? Heffelump is of course my cuddly elephant and I have to run around the bedroom with him every night before I go to bed. It’s just that once I’d finished I thought I had better put him somewhere for safekeeping so he’s under my pillow. Doesn’t every dog do that with their cuddly toy? Mum said she doesn’t need cuddly toys anymore as she’s got all of us and we’re far better. We’re just as happy to get into bed and snuggle up to her as ever her cuddly toys were. It all seems to work out quite well as far as I can tell.

Things are a bit confused with the clocks changing. Shadow and I ended up walking almost in the dark. Shadow wasn’t keen but I pointed out there were benefits as we can sniff out the best manure to pick up and Mum and Dad can’t see us munching as we go along. I thought it was a rather good arrangement, but I don’t think we’ll chance for that to happen every day.

Have a great Monday


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