Saturday 4th November 2017 – I can’t wait

Hello everyone, Aristotle here. Happy Saturday. I’m so excited about tonight. I’m one of those unusual dogs who just loves watching fireworks. I don’t mind the bangs too much, but our Mistress doesn’t let any of us go outside while there are fireworks going off, just in case it worries us. Instead we sit inside together at the big window and watch all the ones we can see from home. Sometimes we move from one side of the house to the others if there are ones to see in different places, but mostly we sit at the back of the house as there are more houses that way. I love the big brightly coloured ones which explode right across the sky. I just wish my paws were more suited to holding a sparkler as I think I might rather like one of those.

I’m not really sure that Alfie will want to watch them this year and to be honest Shadow can get a bit annoying as she starts barking and then everyone tells her off. Wilma should be pretty cool about things though so she might sit with us.

Alfie was right in what he said the other day and it’s worth remembering that not all dogs like it, so don’t forget to provide reassurance to those who don’t and find them a nice quiet safe spot where they don’t have to worry. Alfie will probably sit in the kitchen as he feels safe there. I think Shadow might sit in my room as that is the most cut off from all the noises and there will be less for her to react to. Our Mistress doesn’t like the ones that go ‘bang’ either, but thankfully she does like watching the pretty ones.

Other than that I think it’s going to be a quiet weekend. There’ll be some walking and some sitting around. You know the sorts of things. I’m pushing for a spot of gardening but I’ll have to see if our Mistress is as keen as I am. There’s some tidying up which needs doing and some plants which need their little winter blankets so I’m hopeful.

Happy Saturday


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