Tuesday 7th November 2017 – All that trouble for me

Because I have been quite a bit better on my new medication our Mistress did not think building me a den was quite so urgent. However now the weather is a lot colder and she can’t really put me in the car, she has had to have another go. Her first plan failed as there was not enough room for a crate and she wanted to be able to leave me securely at times. Then she looked at the problem differently and realised that if she moved the drawers from under her desk and was prepared to have much less leg room then she could get a crate under her desk rather than the table at the side. She felt very pleased with herself and struggled to lift the desk and manoeuvre the crate underneath. That was when she hit the first problem. The desk was not quite high enough. Undaunted she went around all the feet and worked out which way to turn them to raise it slightly. Her desk is now slightly too high for her chair and she has no leg room, but there is a crate under the desk. She felt very pleased with herself. Then she discovered problem number two. The door to the crate on the long side would not open as the desk frame gets in the way. Again she was undaunted, there is also a door on the short side. Then she discovered problem number three, the way she had put the crate in that was now up against the side of a cabinet.

Our Mistress does not give up easily. Her back was aching, but she could see a solution. If she could just lift the desk and turn the crate round then it would be fine. She thought it would be easier to pull the crate out from the end of her desk but she forgot that her microphone stand is screwed to that end, so she got the crate firmly wedged on the bolt of the stand. She eventually worked it free and pulled the crate out the other way. It has been turned around and now although the door opens away from where she’d planned it is accessible.

The next stage is for me to see if I go in that way whether it is possible for me to turn around and come out again when I want to. It is going to be tight, but after all her effort I really do have to try. If it goes ok she is then going to buy me the bed I’ve asked for to go inside and a blanket to wrap around the outside so it is all dark and cosy. I’m reserving judgement!

Anyway, Shadow complained that we don’t tell you as much about what she’s up to. I said we have had times when we’ve talked about nothing but her puppies, but she was not placated. To cheer her up, here is a photo from her walk yesterday.

Have a good day


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