Monday 13th November 2017 – Alfie’s Birthday

Today is not just any day, it’s Alfie’s birthday. Alfie was born in Belgium on the 13th November 2005. His Mum, Anka had five puppies, two boys and three girls. When we last heard his brother and two of his sisters were still keeping well, and we wish them all a very happy birthday. Sadly, he did lose one of his sisters a few years ago.

We are going to do everything we can to make his birthday a very special one. He’s a wonderful dog and I’ve been very close to him over the last two years since he came to Switzerland to bring me home as his puppy. I’m the only one he really likes having around in the house. He doesn’t even mind when I climb over him or want to snuggle up. We all think we’re very lucky to share our lives with him. To be honest, if it weren’t for how wonderful he is then Mum wouldn’t have ended up having all the rest of us. He may not have been able to have puppies of his own, but he has been a father figure to many of us over the years. Today then, please raise your water bowls and drink a toast to Alfie Dog. May he have many more happy birthdays to come.

Monday’s are usually fairly normal around here. Dad goes to work, Mum works from home and flits between working, washing and walking all of us. Today is not a normal Monday. Dad’s job was made redundant last week, so he doesn’t need to leave the house. We think it’s brilliant, because it means that he’s at home more. Mum has told us not to get used to it as it will only be very short time. I don’t need telling twice. I love being with Dad and I’m going to do that just as much as I can. I made a start yesterday by getting into bed with him, even though Alfie was already there. It was a good job that Mum didn’t have plans to get back in as we hadn’t really left any room for her.

He’s coming on my walk later which will be wonderful. Shadow is really happy too, she just doesn’t show her excitement quite so much. Oh don’t get me wrong, she does bounce, but usually for no apparent reason whatsoever rather than because something special has happened. She needs no encouragement to bounce. Mum sometimes calls her bouncealot, which doesn’t leave much room for extra bounces on top of that or she’d be going in to outer space. I just have to remember not to bounce all over people, but that’s a really hard thing to keep in mind when you’re excited.

Have a wonderful bouncy day

Tigger Wilma

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16 Responses to Monday 13th November 2017 – Alfie’s Birthday

  1. Dickens says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFIE!!!!!!!! Hope you have a really lovely day and have lots of treats. Great that your Dad will be there too. It is nice when all the family are together. I like that best, then I can relax. I have the morning off and then training this afternoon. Lots of love from Dickens and all my family XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Happy Birthday Alfie. Have a lovely day. Hope you get spoilt with extra treats and lots of cuddles. Sending lots of cuddles and Sammi sends lots of licks. Lots of love Gill & Sammi. xxxxxxxxx

  3. Cass says:

    Happy birthday Alfie! All the head scritchies are for you today!

  4. Judi Gardner says:

    Happy birthday Alfie. Have a lovely day and I hope you get lots of yummy treats. Love from Judi and Betsy xxx

  5. Brenda kind says:

    Happy Birthday Alfie
    Love Granny and Grandpa

  6. Inga says:

    Happy, happy Birthday Alfie, and a wonderful celebration to all!

  7. Val Dawson-Miles says:

    Happy Birthday, Alfie, we hope you have a wonderful, happy day. Lots of love, miaows and purrs from Niamh, and a big, big hug from me! xx

  8. kleinjenni says:

    Lieber Alfie. alles Gute und vor allem gute Gesundheit und hab ein schönes Geburtstagsfest. Alles Liebe von deinen Choriederfans ritz, Maja, Whoopy, Beija-Flor und Tosca

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