Tuesday 14th November 2017 – Thank you

Well I am one humbled dog. I cannot believe all the lovely birthday greetings I received yesterday, thank you all. They came from all over the world. It did rather make me feel special. Of course hearing from my sister and family in Belgium was the very best. I do miss them all, even though Esther never did like me. You will be pleased to hear that I was

Me and my extra dinner – Sorry I couldn’t wait nicely before starting!

spoiled. I had a whole cooked dinner on top of my usual meal. I don’t think I’ve ever been allowed that before. I did have to promise that I would work extra hard at my swimming today to make sure I didn’t just put on an extra few grams around the middle. The new den I had as my birthday present is proving a great success and I’m really rather comfy once I get in and settled. I don’t have to go in there very often, but it is nice to have somewhere which feels completely safe. I should still like to spend some time in the car, but not when it’s cold.

We’ve moved into the time of year where there are roaring fires in the log burners. Wilma really is risking burning her nose again. You would think she would have learned her lesson last year, but it seems that the crackling of the wood is just too interesting for her. I think our Mistress may have to put some sort of guard around it to discourage her from going to that corner. Mind you. I’m as bad when the oven is opened so I can’t really be too hard on Wilma. I just don’t like the thought of my puppy getting hurt. She’s such a lovely companion. I really am very lucky to have had her company in my old age.

Have a lovely day


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  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    So pleased you had a lovely day yesterday Alfie. Glad to hear you were spoiled. Enjoy your swimming. xxxxx

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