Wednesday 22nd November 2017 – Hibernation

Our Mistress and I have now completed building an extra layer of fat for the winter and are ready to go into hibernation. As far as I can see there is only own small flaw in our plan. Neither one of us is a species which actually can get away with staying in bed much past breakfast. Oh I’ve suggested we ignore them all and build a cosy nest out of some spare duvets, but the rest of the house would soon moan when there was no dinner on the table. Instead we’re seriously considering just working on a second spare fat layer in case of emergencies.

It’s these dark morning which are causing the problem. When the alarm clock goes off and it’s still dark there really is very little incentive to get up. Our Mistress was explaining to me that if we moved further south then it would be less of a problem as the winters aren’t quite so dark. I went and got a bag and asked when we could go.

Wilma seems to be coping with the dark days in a completely different fashion. Where she and Shadow have been walking there seems to be some sort of root that she gets a bit high on. Twice in the last few days she has disappeared into the undergrowth, come back munching on something and then bounced around oblivious to the laws of nature. Our Mistress thinks it’s something she is finding in the hedgerow rather than one of our local farmers having developed an interesting side-line, but as Wilma won’t actually tell any of the others of us what it is it’s all a bit confusing.

Now here is a sneak of one of the pictures which is going into our Mistress’s book on our breed. She wanted to help people understand some of the technical terms for parts of a dog and what better to do it with than a picture of yours truly. To be fair it was me in my younger days but what do you think?


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Alfie’s Diary – the Book as well as our other books are available HERE

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8 Responses to Wednesday 22nd November 2017 – Hibernation

  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Lovely picture Alfie. Pleased to hear you will feature in the book. May I have your paw print please. Have a lovely day all of you. xxxxx

  2. Gill Wiltshire says:

    That would be lovely Alfie. What is your email address? xxx

  3. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Thank you Alfie. Email sent. xxxx

  4. Tracey Dominic says:

    You look very handsome in your picture Alfie. Although I am a bit worried about all the arrows she has stuck in you!
    If you want to move further south to avoid those cold, unappealing winter days, you can always come and stay with me in Cape Town. You could even bring your Mistress if you wanted.

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