Friday 24th November 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

When I wasn’t being naughty yesterday

After Alfie’s lovely post yesterday I just had to bring you what he wrote after our first day together two years ago. I know I should object to being described as an exocet missile, but if I’m being honest it is fair comment and I can rather get over enthusiastic about … well just about everything. Two years later and he still points that out to me. Somehow I think it could be another few years yet before I’m ready to mellow.


Everywhere I turn there seem to be puppies. I thought when they all left home that would be it, but I was wrong. Ok, I was upset when Duchess (Molly) left. I was starting to get really quite attached to her and would happily have had her stay, but then I thought I’d got some respite. I don’t think I’d really thought about the fact that Wilma is really only a puppy. On the way down through France we met up with Salvo, who is a little younger than Wilma, by a week or two and is her half brother on her father’s side. Anyway, he growled and barked at me and I thought ‘Here we go!’ Anyway, I barked back and we both agreed a truce and settled down in our respective beds. That was Sunday. Anyway, we said goodbye to Salvo and waved him on his way to England to become number 67 in the country and then spent a second day in the car on our way to Switzerland, where we arrived yesterday afternoon. Wilma is much bigger than Salvo was and the sweetest Exocet missile you can imagine. I had a bit of a paddy when we got here and really went into a bit of a barking frenzy, but then Wilma and I went for a nice walk in the cold and the snow and she was clearly happy to be with me, which made me feel a lot better. She started asking me all about home and I hope I didn’t depress her too much. It’s not as sunny as it is here in Switzerland but it is warmer. However there’s no snow, just lots and lots of rain… and grey cloud. I don’t think I was selling it very well. Oh and no beautiful mountains. By the end of it

I was wondering if it would be better for me and our Mistress to stay here rather than us all head back to England.

Today we are having a quiet day of getting to know each other. We’re off to the pet shop to buy Wilma a collar and harness and to buy my favourite biscuits. I think there might be the odd toy for Wilma too. At least it’s going to be sunny today but I think we have more snow scheduled for tomorrow!

Have a great Friday


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