Wednesday 29th November 2017 – Looking back at pictures

Me and Mum

Our Mistress is having to go through hundreds of photos to choose what needs to go in a book. It’s been fun looking back at all the things we’ve done over the years. Of course the book isn’t just about us, so we don’t get to be in all the photos but we do appear in some. Then there are the ones that make me quite emotional like looking through all the ones of my dad and me with my mum when I was just a puppy. Ari got excited seeing ones of his own dad but at least he did meet him. Then we found some of Shadow with her mum, but Shadow played that cool. We haven’t found any of Shadow’s dad yet but I think there may be some we’ve still got to go through. We do have the ones of Wilma’s parents but she has obviously seen them more recently.

You know what it’s like when you get the family albums out and one of you was actually looking for something specific, but then once you’re all involved the whole process goes off in a different direction. Ari suggested we should put together a separate book of all the ‘outtakes’ but I don’t think our Mistress is going to take him up on it. She says she wants to get on with writing her next fiction book but if he wants to do a book of his own then she will be happy to help him. I can see it now, new books written by ‘Aristotle’ – he really should bring out one on philosophy he might pick up a fair few sales by unsuspecting buyers. There they would be, studying for some high-powered degree and they’d open their book to find the ramblings of a deranged dog! Now that would be an outtake we really should capture on film!

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