Thursday 30th November 2017 – An early start

Wilma was up early this morning, not that she needed to be, but because she is an excited puppy. It’s not as though she hasn’t been to London before, but she still loves her days out with our Mistress. I suppose when I say ‘up early’, I should perhaps clarify, that  means early in her terms and not really in mine. I’ve been getting up at 3.15am and needing to go out the last few nights. I can understand why our Mistress is finding it a little wearing, but there’s not much I can do about it. Ok, to be fair there was the night I then realised I didn’t actually need to go out and simply got straight into my bed in the kitchen when we got downstairs. I wasn’t too popular for that. I digress. Wilma is all ready and has her things for her day out. Our Mistress is making her take her own things again so she will be wearing her rucksack. She won’t actually put it on until they are in the waiting room at the station as it gets in the way in the crate in the car. They are also stopping at the country park that Wilma likes on the way into York so she can stretch her legs before having to squeeze under the train seats. It will be another of those days with a lot of walking for them, but they will both enjoy that. At least they won’t be too late home tonight so Wilma will be able to tell us all about it before bedtime.

We are staying here looking after our Master. It’s a tough job but it’s the one we enjoy doing the most. I’m guessing there will be the odd cuddle or two and an occasional biscuit. To be more precise I’ve got him well trained to feed me the dried fish treats which really are still right up there as my favourites.

Have a good Thursday


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