Tuesday 5th December 2017 – Lights and Ladders

I just can’t watch when it’s time to put the outdoor Christmas lights up. Whilst our Mistress has devised a better way to put the lights on the holly in the front garden, which involves a long-handled broom, that doesn’t work for the ones that go on the front of the house. She’s not great with ladders, but when our Master says, ‘We’ve already got lights everywhere. We don’t need anymore,’ then she stubbornly goes up the ladder to do it herself. As a dog, I’m probably with our Master on this one. What is it with all this Christmas stuff? I do wonder if it’s more a girl thing as Wilma seems to think it’s a good idea and would have gone up the ladder herself if our Mistress had turned her back for long enough. I’d like to think after all that the decorations are now complete, but it seems that’s not the case. Tomorrow night our Mistress is off to the pub to do a ‘Wreath Making’ evening, to put on the front door. She’s still got some of the bits from last year and I don’t see why she wouldn’t just put those together again. Ah well, I’m just a dog!

On the brighter side, I am going swimming today. It’s doubly good because not only will I get some exercise but I shall stand on the scales and find out just how much weight I’ve managed to lose. I’m hoping the answer might be all that I need to as I really don’t want to carry on dieting. It’s just no fun. The worst is that my days of being able to counter-surf, to see if I can find any extras, are long behind me. My back legs just aren’t up to the job anymore. And, while Wilma can actually jump onto the work surface completely she is yet to understand that my need of anything she finds is greater than hers.

Have fun


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  1. little poochie says:

    i love this blog 😀 DOGS ARE SO CUTE

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