Saturday 30th December 2017 – A Proof Copy

How exciting is this? In our paws we have a proof copy of our Mistress’s new book and it’s all about us. It won’t be on sale for a few weeks yet and we will of course tell you when it is, but it really is pretty exciting. We are still waiting for the proof copy of the hardback and our Mistress is finishing off the files that need to be uploaded for the ebook, but it is very very exciting. My picture is in it! Well to be honest, all our pictures are in it. There are pictures of lots and lots of other Entlebuchers too, some are even more handsome than we are. Can you believe that? The cover has got Megan on the front. I do miss her. On the back is a picture of Wilma with her mum and sister. Anyway we’re all pretty excited and can’t wait for you to be able to see the real live version.

Yesterday was a VERY quiet day yesterday. Mainly because our Mistress spent much of the day in bed with a migraine as we all has to tiptoe around the house. She was a bit sheepish about it all really as she was well aware it had been caused by binging on chocolate the day before. Now she says she is never going to eat chocolate ever again… until the next time. Given how bad she felt it might be a few days before she weakens, but I just know she will. It was the first real snow we’d had this winter so we all wanted to be outside playing, but oddly our Mistress didn’t. She did go and help when James’s car got stuck on the hill, but apart from that she had a very indoors and in bed sort of day.

Today should be much more exciting

Have fun


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