Wednesday 3rd January 2017 – Not such a good day for Alfie

Alfie’s enthusiasm for the day went downhill yesterday as he wasn’t very well. Mum nearly didn’t go out as he was sick with quite a bit of blood in it before breakfast. He wasn’t sure about eating when it was time and that really worried mum, but he perked up and was much better afterwards so she did go out. He said he wasn’t feeling well and had a quiet day but he wasn’t sick anymore. Mum is taking him to the vet this morning as he needed his kennel cough vaccination anyway, so she is going to ask the vet to examine him too.

Anyway, Shadow had a great time swimming. She was pretty fed up about being washed on two consecutive days but said that all the attention made up for it. She was tired when she got home from working so hard and more than a little showing off by all accounts.

Alfie says he is hoping he feels a bit brighter later as he has the chance to see one of his puppyhood friends. It’s Mum and Dad’s neighbour from when they lived in Belgium and Alfie was very fond of her, particularly as she used to take him for walks when Mum was ill. He did say that his favourite memory was chasing their cat, Matilda, but he had a rueful smile on his face at the time.

Mum says that today is the last day of her Christmas holidays and it’s back to normal working hours from tomorrow. It’s going to be strange trying to settle back into a routine and remember what we’re all supposed to be doing. At least Mum hasn’t said much more to us about our New Year’s Resolutions but she did say something about us needing to set our targets for the year and she was looking straight at me when she said it. I guess being adorable just isn’t enough.



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4 Responses to Wednesday 3rd January 2017 – Not such a good day for Alfie

  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    I do hope Alfie is feeling better today. Look after him Wilma. Sending him lots of cuddles. Love Gill & Sammi. xxxxxx

  2. Val Dawson-Miles says:

    I do hope Alfie’s feeling better today, Wilma. I too think you should look after him, lots. Love and hugs, and purrs from Niamh. xxx

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