Saturday 6th January 2017 – Fitness freaks

I think the emphasis is on the freaks rather than the fitness. I’m not talking about our Mistress, she’s gone into wanting to hibernate mode and I can relate to that. It’s Wilma really. Well not just Wilma, James as well. He wanted to go for a run and as Shadow was his dog he was going to take her with him. However, Shadow got older somewhere down the line and having already been for a walk she looked a little concerned at the prospect of having to run as well. She’d gone along with it the day before but that was instead of her walk and she’d struggled to keep up then. Obviously neither I nor Alfie were going to volunteer, but there was Wilma with her paw in the air like Donkey from Shrek ‘Pick me, pick me.’ Her paw was barely dry and mud free from her walk, but she was ready to go again. To be fair she really is rather fit and could go all day. We don’t know where she gets her energy from because the rest of us are in nothing like that shape. I did go for a walk, but I’ll be honest I didn’t feel like it and our Mistress had to push me to go further than I would have liked to. She’s determined to get us all back into a post Christmas routine if for no other reason than we all need the fresh air, even if it is miserable outside. She made me help her take down some of the Christmas lights when I got back instead. I didn’t really mind as I was supervising while our Mistress was doing the real work of using a long broom to unhook the lights without having to get a ladder. She’s got that bit down to a fine art, but there are still three lots on the front of the house that need to wait for a sunny day.

Have a great Saturday


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