Sunday 7th January 2017 – A quiet house

We’re tip-pawing round again as Alfie is ill. The abscess has come back behind his eye and he’s in lots of discomfort. His cheek is quite swollen and his eye is inflamed and has increased pressure. He went to the vet yesterday morning and has antibiotics until Tuesday but then he has to go in for an operation. They are going to drain the abscess and try to see if there is something in it causing the problem as it should not have come back if it was clear. Our Mistress is really worried about him and being as gentle and loving with him as she can. The rest of us are trying to keep out of his way so we don’t cause him distress. Wilma is giving him licks from the rest of us as he still likes having her around.

Today Wilma and Shadow are off out to do a meet and greet for the breed with someone who is thinking of introducing one of us to their own family. I don’t mean one of us as in the four of us, I mean they will have a puppy of their own if things go to plan. Wilma loves doing things like this and Shadow, once she has let them know who’s boss, quite enjoys the attention too.

I think if there is still time while it’s light I’m supposed to be holding the ladder so our Mistress can take the Christmas lights down from the front of the house. I know they should all be down by now, but if she will go putting so many up it’s going to take a while to get them down again. Everything else is done, so I think the plan is that we’ll do them today. I’m much better at holding the ladder than I am at going up, which is why we do it that way round… that and the fact that I’m a dog of course.

Happy Sunday


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6 Responses to Sunday 7th January 2017 – A quiet house

  1. Dickens says:

    Hi Ari, well done for being a helper for your Mistress. I like being a helper too. Sometimes I am a bit over enthusiastic but it is one way of spending more time with my Mum. We are sorry to hear about Alfie. Please send him our love and we have our paws crossed that your lovely Vet will soon make I’m better. Dickens and the gang XXXXX

    • Aristotle says:

      Thank you, Dickens. I love helping outside. It’s a way I can get gentle exercise without it hurting my leg too much. I shall pass your message on to Alfie

  2. Gill Wiltshire says:

    So sorry to hear Alfie is poorly. I hope he is feeling better soon. Sending him lots of cuddles and Sammi sends lots of licks. You, Shadow and Wilma have a good day. Love Gill & Sammi. xxxxxx

  3. Mike (human to Reggie the manic border terrier) says:

    Lots of love & good wishes to Alfie.

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