Tuesday 9th January 2018 – Twiddling our paws

It’s going to be a twiddling paws sort of day, waiting to hear how Alfie has got on. Aristotle is going swimming so that will help take his mind off things, but I’m just sitting at home thinking about him. I shall go for a nice walk, which will help a little bit, but I shall still be thinking about him.

On a more exciting note, Mum has asked me to tell you that there is a sale on Alfie’s merchandise at the moment. From now until Friday you can use the code NEW18 to get 18% off any orders of his sweatshirts and other things. You can even get a sweatshirt like Mum’s about the cake! You can find Alfie’s merchandise HERE.

We were talking about training. More to the point the humans were talking and we were listening. It’s always good for us to know exactly what they have in mind in these things so we can work out our tactics. Anyway, Mum was saying we’re not too bad. I take that as a compliment all things considered. Oh I know there is always room for improvement in these things, but I’ve already progressed through knowing that ‘Bed’ meant I should go to my bed, then learning if I smiled as I did it I could get away with it meaning the bottom of Mum and Dad’s bed. Then I found if I threw in a lick or two I could get a cuddle and finally I realised I could get away with getting right under the duvet with them. So, I seem to have cracked that one. I just need to work on some of the other commands to make sure I get what I want and we’ll all be sorted. I think there is still some work to do on getting second helpings of dinner!



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6 Responses to Tuesday 9th January 2018 – Twiddling our paws

  1. Dickens says:

    Hope all goes well Alfie. We will be thinking of you. Lots of love Dickens and the gang XXXXXX

    • Wilma Dog says:

      Thank you Dickens. At the moment Alfie is complaining very loudly that he isn’t getting any breakfast.

  2. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Hope all goes well for Alfie today. We will be thinking of him. Sending him lots of cuddles. Love Gill & Sammi. xxxxxx

  3. Val Dawson-Miles says:

    Really hoping all goes well for Alfi today. Love, hugs and purrs fom Niamh and me xx

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