Tuesday 16th January 2018 – A Lovely Idea

Now, we are sent quite a few press releases and don’t often bring them to you. Mostly we see them just as excuses to try to tell you about a company and if they haven’t offered you anything special then we don’t think that’s fair. This one is different though and we thought that what they were doing was really worthwhile and might help any one of our humans one day.

Cinnamon Trust Volunteer Katie and Smudge

There is an organisation called the Cinnamon Trust that helps the elderly and terminally ill with the care of their pets so they don’t have to be parted. They help over 87,000 people and pets every year. It can be as simple as taking them for a walk or rather more if a human has had to go into hospital. Anyway, the company called Fish4Dogs is using the skills and resources it has to offer some help to the charity. They are going to help them with recruitment and also work to encourage their customers to be aware of the charity and help. In addition to that they are offering the trust discounts, not only with their own needs but for their volunteers too. They already have 16,000 volunteers working with them but always need more, so well done to Fish4Dogs for lending their support. You can find more about the Cinnamon Trust HERE– if you do get involved in helping them then we’d love to hear about it.

We also like to hear of the ways that business’s support charities that work with dogs. If you know of other companies finding practical ways to offer support then why not let us know so we can tell everyone about them too.

On a more mundane level, Ari is going swimming today as I’m still not feeling completely well. He did wonder about Shadow going but she pulled a muscle the other day and our Mistress wants her to recover from that first. He will come up with any suggestion to get out of having to go himself!

Have a great Tuesday


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