Monday 22nd January 2018 – Better than nothing

Oh I know my family won’t be impressed but yesterday was wonderful. We had some snow at last. It was only a little bit and it didn’t stay around for long, but it was definitely snow and I did get to play in it. I was hoping for enough to build a snow dog or to go sledging, but that didn’t happen. Alfie wasn’t so keen, especially when I tried pushing him over in it, but it was simply wonderful and I LOVED it. It reminded Mum of when we visited Switzerland and I wouldn’t stop eating it all and then needed to go to the toilet loads. I was doing much the same yesterday but we weren’t outside long enough for me to overdo it. Now I want some more snow. The humans say it’s inconvenient but that’s not going to stop me wanting it. To be fair, Mum sort of likes it too and she wouldn’t mind if we were all snowed in for a while but that’s not likely to happen, which is a shame. Alfie did find it quite hard. His four-paw drive is not as good as it used to be and where it was slippery he found his back end going in a different direction to his front end and he said that felt weird. He stood with Mum under the porch of the summerhouse while I had the zoomies in it. I love the zoomies. It’s just like your whole body is overcome with the need to run as fast as you can in circles as big or as small as the space you have available and all you can do is give in to them. They never last a really long time, but really raise the pulse and send lots of happy feelings round the body while you’re having them. I’ve suggested to Mum that she might like to try them, but she says her days of moving that fast are definitely behind her. Actually, talking to her she said she’d never really had any days of going that fast even when she was young. She thinks she was built more for endurance than speed.

Have a great Monday



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